Travel to Cappadocia

Two years ago, I saw Cappadocia ballooning photos on the internet, and I became interested in the Sugarloaf shape mountains and ballooning there.

The more I searched, I saw a series of photos of exotic hotels that were just museums, which multiplied my interest. The hotel rooms and atmosphere were more like a cartoon of Duck Castle (Nani and Igor) and seemed far from reality.

At that time, because I used to travel with a tour and there was no available tour from Iran, I skipped it until I decided to travel to Canada and for getting  a Canadian tourist visa, I had to go to Ankara to

Since the closest city to Cappadocia was Ankara and its route was from this city, I decided to go to Cappadocia for a few days.

I find that there is no flight to Cappadocia, and I have to go by bus with little questioning. So I stayed one night in a hotel near the fingerprinting place in Ankara, and the next day I went to the bus station.

At first, it was confusing because they did not have an English guide, but after a bit of searching, I finally bought a bus ticket and got on, and the trip to Cappadocia began.

The bus stopped at several stations and finally dropped us off at a station in Nowshehr.

There I boarded a minibus that took us from Nowshahr to downtown Gorme, the most famous Cappadocia part.

The cost of the minibus was calculated on the ticket I had purchased

The hotel I chose was Sacred House, the same hotel I had dreamed of going to two years ago.

This hotel was in another area called Urgup, about 15 minutes far by car from Gorme. It was possible to travel by bus, minibus, and taxi, but because the taxi cost was not high and I was tired, I decided to take a cab.

When I entered the hotel, I was shocked for hours; I felt that I entered the king's palace, and one of the bedrooms of the palace was given to me.

I think I took pictures from inside the room and outside for about 3 hours and then went to have lunch

After lunch, the lovely reception showed me the other hotel rooms, which were so Interesting. you can see their pictures, here.

Another exciting part of this hotel was its swimming pool, and the more interesting point was that I was alone in the hotel for two days, which means that there were no other passengers in the hotel.

When I entered the pool with a very strange and scary elevator, I was confronted with the pool's extraordinary atmosphere, where church music was also playing.

The pool's lighting was red, and a huge chandelier came down from the top of the pool, candles were lit everywhere, and the front of the pool was part of the cave.

Most of the Cappadocia hotels were built in caves, but this hotel was not known as a cave, but the design of the rooms and the exterior of the museum-like space and the antiques used made it even more special.

The bathroom and toilet of the hotel rooms were the same sizes as the living and sleeping area.

 The unique tubs and valves and its exceptional design made it A lovely space.

That night, I went around the Urgup and enjoyed being in that old, traditional space.

The next morning, at 5 o'clock, the balloon company minibus came and took me for a balloon ride, because the balloons have to be lifted in cold weather, this is done very early in the morning.

The ballooning experience is fantastic, to say the least, a bit scary. It is very cold up there, so you must wear warm clothes.

Of course, the device that caused the balloon to rise by taking out the flame made the cold weather more bearable for me, and I felt better.

I was in Cappadocia for three days, and I visited almost all of its areas one by one.

The caves, churches, and mountains that protruded from the ground were worth seeing; on the other hand, I could not get enough of staying in this unique hotel.

Three days for travel to Cappadocia is too short, but since the hotel's cost was so high, I could not stay longer.

I returned to Ankara by bus and came back to Iran by plane.

It was not long before I made the trip to Cappadocia again eagerly, this time with a few of my friends. Cappadocia trip was a wonderful experience also for them.

On the second trip, because I had more experience, I spent less and managed my time better.

On the second trip, we spent one night in a hotel in the Ochiser area because we could watch balloon rides from inside the hotel early in the morning. (Be sure to see the photo)

The Gurmeh area is the most popular tourist area, and there are more hotels, but it does not have the Ochiser area and no hotel like Sacred House, but for better food and shopping, go to Gormeh and enjoy being in this place at night.

In Cappadocia, it is possible to camp, and you can camp in camping spaces at a very low cost or use the tents and facilities there.

The cost of food and transportation is meager, about 50 lire a day

The cost of a ticket to Ankara depends on the travel time

Therefore, the highest cost is for the hotel, which is also negotiable and varies in different seasons.


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