Bali is one of the strangest places I have ever seen

It is strange because of the different climates that come together on an island.

To go to Bali, you first have to go to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and then fly to Bali from there. Of course, the cost of direct flights to Jakarta is a bit high, you can go to Malaysia first and from there to Jakarta or even from the UAE.

There is a part of Bali called Kuta on the beach, and it is full of beach hotels. You could also go surfing on the beach because of the excellent wind that comes, which is very popular.

There are other water sports, but usually, everyone is there to surf or relax and use the beach.

Its coastal water is not very clear, and you usually have to go to the surrounding islands like Gilli Islands to get the crystal clear water, which is very beautiful (be sure to go).

In these islands (which are three together and each has its charms), there is no motorcycle ٬ neither car nor police, and people travels there by bike or on foot.

Another item you can find in these islands is the Komodo dragon!

This dragon is a huge lizard that can grow up to 3 meters in length and is also a carnivore.

Bali's unique part that is dense pristine forests is called Ubud ٬ This part of Bali is wonderful, and there are still parts of it that do not have much civilization.

Exciting hotels (like Hanging Garden that you can see in the photo) are located in this part of Bali and are really like places that can only be seen in movies and pictures.

Of course, if you want to travel to this part of Bali, you must be careful of malaria mosquitoes. Take vitamin B because this mosquito does not like the smell of vitamin B in your blood.

If you travel to Bali, you can visit the various temples that are there and be sure to visit the Monkey Park.

Bali's most exciting parts are Lavak coffee ‌ ٬ This place is close to the Aboud region, and I suggest you visit it where the most expensive coffee in the world is produced.

It is expensive because an animal named Lavak, or in their dialect, Lavas, eats coffee beans and after defecation, they are washed and roasted, and finally, it is our turn to drink it!

Bali's most beautiful part that I could not get enough of being inside was the paddy field or Rice Terrace, which you can reach after the Aboud area.

This area is stunning ٬ You can walk for hours and enjoy the smell of rice and its indescribable beauty.

After passing here, you will reach Bali's mountainous region, which has a very cold climate, and there is no sultrier and humid weather.

It was unbelievable to me that after half an hour of driving, we had a 10 to 15-degree decrease in temperature and humidity.

I saw volcanic mountains and a mountainous area with tropical greenery and azure sea in this area.

The roadside was full of old women who were selling tropical fruits at low prices.

If you go to Bali, be sure to try the spicy and sweet chicken and their sushi because it is delicious (if you like Asian food).


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