In search of the aurora borealis in Finland and Norway

Aurora borealis is one of the most beautiful atmospheric phenomena on Earth.

Undoubtedly the most exciting trip I had ever was Finland, Norway, Estonia, and the aurora borealis.

This trip was memorable and fascinating for me for many reasons, and I want to talk about them.

Seeing the aurora borealis was exciting, and I was impressed for a few hours after seeing it.

Finland, Norway, has impressive and cultured people that you will never get tired of being with them.

Indescribable beauty and snowy scenery.

The 3,000 km long route.

my group on this trip was the best group I ever had in the history of my trips.

And finally, delightful photography and being with professional photographers.

If you want to prepare for such a trip, note that this trip must be organized as a group and solo travel is almost impossible. Aurora is only found in the northern regions of Finland and Norway in the cold season, so you should bring warm clothes Like knitted and leather gloves, hot jackets, knitted clothes, and very warm socks that your feet not freeze. Because at night, the temperature may drop to minus 15 degrees.

We arrived in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, with a transfer from Ukraine.

Our arrival at the airport started with lunch, and when we realized that we had to collect our dishes from the table and put them on the Special floor, we became acquainted with the first Finnish culture.

The city is charming, old built, and full of beautiful churches. This city is also connected to the Gulf of Finland's waters from the south, so it has a lovely anchorage; when we arrived, the weather was freezing, and the water of this anchorage was frozen. It had created an exciting scene that you can see in the photo.

The Scandinavian countries (Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) are, in my opinion, the most cultured people on the planet; they are very relaxed and enjoy their lives, the highest level of life satisfaction belongs to these people.

There was no such thing as traffic in Helsinki's city; I did not see a single policeman in the town, in this city, cameras do not monitor people and cars, everyone respects each other and obeys all laws and the right of way. There is cleanliness in all parts of the city, luxury spaces and buildings, high-end cars are not seen much in this country. Even hotels are only warm enough. The bathwater is warm enough that you can easily take a shower.

The windows of the houses are 4-walled and follow all the principles to prevent energy loss.

Finns love saunas and even have a 4-meter sauna in all their houses, especially in the northern cities.

Most houses have wooden facades, and exciting colors and shops beautifully behind the latticed windows are beautiful and spectacular.

Unlike other European cities where you do not feel safe at night, I photographed in Finland and Norway's streets until late at night and was amazed at the feeling of security it gave me. Although it gets dark very soon and people go their home, and even shops are closed, security in the city is ruled without a police force.

There is an old island near the city of Helsinki that is very scenic and historic. You can also take a ferry to Estonia and see the city of Tallinn. The city of Tallinn is historic and beautiful and architecturally similar to the city of Prague in the Czech Republic and the beautiful old quarters of France.

In Finland and Norway, the best food you could find is salmon; if you travel to these countries, you can taste this fish because it is specific to them. After Helsinki, we flew to Rovaniemi, which is in the early northern half of Finland and is the birthplace of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus symbols were in all Rovaniemi airport parts, which was very attractive and spectacular. The temperature decrease and the snow did not stop raining.

I can say it was the best city in Finland for several reasons:

I saw the first aurora borealis of my life in this city,

It is exciting to see Santa Claus village and go to the hotel and ice castle in this city.

I saw the igloo for the first time up close

and generally, the city was very clean and beautiful.

Rovaniemi also has a cable car and a ski slope, with lots of chalets.

If you go to Helsinki and Rovaniemi, you get almost 90% of the fun of this trip because you experience almost everything. In Rovaniemi, we took a chalet and stayed; the whole chalet was made of wood, and it was in front of the ski slope. And on the other hand, it was near the Rovaniemi river, which was completely frozen.

We went out for dinner, but a series of fellow travelers were staying in the chalet. We have not finished our Dinner when the phone of one of our companions rang and he screamed: aurora, aurora….

We are back, and as soon as we got out of the car, we were staring at the sky. For the first time in my life, I saw the sky turn green, and green lights move like a snake in the sky. We quickly picked up our cameras and went near the frozen lake. All the locals were on the lake and watched a unique view of the aurora borealis.

See the first aurora photo I took.

Aurora faded after 1 hour and gradually disappeared. We had dinner and went inside to get ready for bed. I was almost asleep when I woke up with Taha's voice; he wants to go out again, he said: I feel aurora is dawning again before I get dressed; his screams came from outside.

We all went out, even wearing half our clothes on the way out of the house. When we got out, the aurora borealis was very much in the sky, the purple and green colors of aurora were dancing in the sky. We were so excited that we even forgot to take a picture of it

I'm sure none of us will forget that night.

We rented a car and drove to the northernmost point of Europe,

Of course, we stayed overnight on this route in the Saariselka area, which is very touristy and famous for its luxurious chalet. Saariselka was both very luxurious and spectacular, and we took terrific photos of the aurora borealis in this area. After that, we reached Nordkapp, which is the northernmost point of Europe (after 9 hours of continuous driving, of course).

All along the way, the fascinating scene was the white pavement, the white pine trees, and the frozen rivers along the road.

Aurora kept us awake all night.

From the northernmost point of Europe, we entered a city in Norway called Alta, and the next day we went from Alta to the Thermos city.

Thermos is beautiful and lovely and is one of the best cities in Norway

If I want to choose a place to live one day, it will be Thermos, Norway.

it is an old-fashioned town with all wooden houses around the city fand fishing boats

This city has a cable car and a fantastic view can be seen from above (be sure to visit the photo of this city)

It also has a very famous university and library.

The Norwegian people are very cultured and calm, and in the city is no news of police and accidents and noise. It seems that these people understand that to live a good life, they must respect the rules and respect each other and be kind to each other.

Back and forth to Norway route was beside the Norwegian Sea, which in some part was frozen, and the other parts had beautiful crystalline water.

After that, we returned to Rovaniemi and went to Helsinki again by plane, and then we went to Tallinn by ship.

If you are planning to go to Helsinki, be sure to visit Tallinn and stay in its old town because it is unique. Our hotel in Tallinn was an old house belonging to their cultural heritage, with fascinating parts of the old one (such as old wells and parts of the main wall that had not been rebuilt).

In Tallinn, there is a central square whose design style is very similar to Prague and Brussels. We spent a lot of time in the old town until nightfall and decided to go to a restaurant for dinner.

When we were looking for a restaurant, we heard Irish music with a fast rhythm. When we approached, we all doubted that this was a restaurant or a private place. We dared to go inside; it was a very dark space with short ceilings and old stone walls.

This restaurant's design was unique, and its owner was a lady in old Irish clothes who was very immoral and spoke in a thick British accent. When I asked her about the menu, she told me that there was no menu in the 19th century. she said I would say to you what we have :) And she told me the list of things they had, and I ordered it.

Soup with homemade sausages!

It was all they had.

When I asked her for a spoon and fork, I heard the same answer: There were no spoons and forks in the 19th century!

We ate our soup and sausages by hand in that dark space, and after hearing a lot of grunting, we were able to take some pictures of the area and that lady.

Still, it was the best restaurant I went to in my life!

Finally, after missing the flight and staying inside the gate for 48 hours and arguing with the Finnish airport police, we returned home.


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