From Paris to Brussels

When you arrive at the airport, after the obligatory actions and leaving the gate, now is the time to go to the hotel.

first, get on the train and get out of the airport ٬ The train will take you to the metro station for free. When you arrive at the metro station, get a ticket for a few days (depending on the number of days you are in the city) at the ticket office, or if you have a credit card, buy it from their ATM. This ticket is very useful. It is better to connect to the airport internet or if you could not turn on your cell phone data (Iran line also works there, 1500 MB per megabyte now, which is not a big cost) and see the route from the airport to the hotel with Google Map ٬‌ Google Map tells you which subway Or bus, Where to get off and…

The only problem is that the French subway is a bit confusing, and you have to pay attention to a few things:

France has several subways; each subway has several lines. Be careful about the number next to it; for example, M12 introduces line 12 of M subway, which has its color displayed exactly in Google Map. To understand the return route, you should pay attention to the sign at each hall entrance. Make sure you are riding in the direction given by Google or vice versa (look at the sign before going up the subway stairs).

If Google shows you how many colors, it means that you have to change the line, pay attention to the names (if you did not take the subway in Iran, be sure to take it several times, learn that it is completely similar to our subway).

The critical point is that neither the GPS works nor you have the internet in the subway, so before entering the subway, check everything. Please ignore the point that Google shows because the GPS does not work, and Google could not update it.

Most French metro stations are old and have no escalators ٬ The most challenging part of the travel for me was this because I had to carry my luggage up the stairs. About attractions, you can buy a ticket in advance or a place. But an easier way for those who have a credit card is to buy online with the ticket’s application. You no longer need to stand in line.

Must see places in France

1- Eiffel Tower

I think you should see the Eiffel both in day and night ٬ Of course, once is enough

You can get your hotel near the Eiffel because it has a very good neighborhood

2- Louvre Museum

Do not think at all wait in line. either get a ticket in advance or buy online because the queue is too long

It takes time to see everything, so determine your favorite halls in advance so that you do not get confused there. The hall related to Iran is also Hall 20.

Be sure to visit Louvre Museum once at night and see from the outside that it has an exciting atmosphere

3 - Church of Notre Dame ٬ St. Germain and a few others you can see together (if you are interested)

4- Montmartre neighborhood, one of Paris's most attractive parts, which also has a famous church, be sure to visit this neighborhood or even get your hotel in this neighborhood.

5- If you want to go to Disneyland, you have to get a ticket from 2 days in advance. In high season, maybe from 1 week in advance, otherwise, you will not get a ticket at all.

6- Opera was also one of my favorite spaces, be sure to check it out

7- If you are interested in the museum, Paris is full of museums, you can go to another museum in addition to the Louvre.


I think installing the Google Trip app will help you where to go and even it set your entire day plan

Walking in the alleys of Paris (not late at night because it is not safe) is very attractive, try to walk a lot in the few days you are there

To choose a restaurant, I suggest the Fourscore app, but you can also use Trip Advisor and Yelp.

From Paris to Brussels

Since Brussels was on the way to Amsterdam, I decided to go to Brussels ٬ This is a spectacular city. It has a very beautiful square with an attractive building that is worth a few hours spent, but I do not think it is necessary to stay one night in Brussels.

So, you do not take a hotel in Brussels and take the subway easily with your backpack, see this square and take a photo and come back and take the next train.

But if you have luggage, get a hotel near the metro and stay there overnight and enjoy wandering the back alleys of Brussels.

Just, make sure the hotel is close to the metro station. There is a 24-hour subway ticket, which is very cheap. You can buy it right in front of the station. They sell both cash and a card.

To get a train ticket, you can also get it online from Guyuro if you have a credit card, or directly from the station, which I do not recommend because you may not get a ticket or buy it at a high price.

In general, try to have a credit card on such trips. It is beneficial.

The people of Brussels speak both German and French, and their English is much better than the French. I was there for a while, and I did not deal with them much, but in general, they are similar to the French.


Amsterdam was the most exciting city I have ever seen with all the sights and tourist attractions during this trip.

It was very convenient from Brussels to Amsterdam; it took about 2-3 hours by train.

Amsterdam's railway route to Brussels was stunning, full of windmills, and lush pastures that you cannot get enough of.

The Amsterdam train and metro station are not a few minutes’ walk away, be careful. To buy a metro and train ticket, you must use their ATM and get a ticket for 24 or 48 hours or more.

I think two days was too short for Amsterdam ٬ you should stay in this beautiful city for at least four days and enjoy it.

Places and things, you must do:

1- The garden of the Artis Museum was perhaps one of the fascinating artificial wildlife I have ever seen ٬ The animals and the beautiful atmosphere here captivated me.

2- Boating in the city I can say was the most exciting part of my trip ٬ Also, the captain of this boat gave very interesting explanations about the city spaces and the history and exciting things of Amsterdam.

The Boat Station is right in the center of Amsterdam, the central train station.

3- Red-light neighborhood, which is full of very cool restaurants and cafes, and full of tourists who wander the streets after consuming all kinds of drugs. A small, playful little town.

4- There are many museums and churches in Amsterdam that should be chosen according to your taste.

  • Windmills
  • Walking through the streets of Amsterdam is very enjoyable, Try to walk most places and the first thing you do is take a boat ride because you will get to know the whole city together and you can visit them one by one in the next few days.
  • In many cases, consumption of drug is free and if the smell of these substances bothers you, do not enter some cafe.

Maybe you are wondering how to use the drug is free in Amsterdam? The answer is from the Dutch language:

"in Amsterdam, the drug is not free like the rest of the world; only the police and the government do not deal with this issue!

The Dutch people's opinion is why alcohol, which is a drug and is a general cause of crime and violence, should be free in the world, but marijuana, which is not like that, and its harm is less than alcohol, is forbidden!

The city is not very safe at night, so it is better not to be alone in the street from 9 o'clock. It is entirely safe in busy neighborhoods, but if you want to go to the hotel and your hotel is far from public transportation, it is better to take a taxi.

Most places in the city have free Wi-Fi, you can use it easily.

The Netherlands' people look very liberal, they are not afraid, to tell the truth, and they are very polite and friendly, they speak English with a perfect accent and are not as bigoted as the French.

In general, spending time and communicating with people in the Netherlands is more enjoyable than in France.

One thing that fascinated me about Amsterdam was the boathouses on the water that belonged to the locals. I was very interested in being in them one night. By the Air B&B, the app can rent these houses.

If you want to come to Amsterdam, be sure to stay overnight in one of these.

 I flew from the Netherlands to Prague ٬ It is effortless to get a ticket through Guyuro. You can get a ticket online.


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