A trip to China was one of my best trips

We all know that China is the most populous country in the world. Due to this reason, most people in the world speak Chinese!

After Russia, China is the largest country in the world. During my trip to China, I realized that there are all kinds of climates, in this respect, it is very similar to Iran. Sea, forest, river, desert, snow and ski slope, an industrial and luxury city with towering towers, beautiful villages, rice fields and…

My first experience of traveling to China began with a trip to Shanghai and then to the largest electronics city, Shenzhen, China.

The city of Shenzhen is very beautiful and full of entertainment and scenic places.

All major electronics factories are located in or around Shenzhen.

The city is lovely next to a river, and the whole town is covered with Greenery, and it is unbelievable that even all the big bridges of this city are covered with plants.

In the middle of all the highways and along the streets, flowers and trees are planted and completely green. You can see Greenery all over this city.

The Chinese, especially women, are not interested in sunbathing. As soon as the weather is getting sunny, they use their umbrellas so that their skin does not turn black! They also believe that the skin of workers and servants is black and sunburned.

You must have heard about Chinese eating! Yes, you heard, right. They eat everything in the air except for the plane.

Like us who have sheep offal, they have crocodile offal (I posted the picture), eating frogs, snakes, and eels, which is natural.

Some restaurants are like an aquarium. There are many sea creatures in the aquarium that you can choose, and they will serve you cooked or semi-cooked.

Of course, China is full of excellent restaurants. I ate some of the best food of my life in China (Japanese and Mexican restaurants).

The world's largest laser show is performed every day in Shenzhen, China, and you will never miss it.

They also have a place called: Of the World, where all the country's symbols are made in a small size! from the Eiffel Tower to Isfahan Naghsh-E Jahan Square! Be sure to go here and enjoy it. The city of Shenzhen, China, has many passages for buying electronic devices. You can buy everything at a very low price, low quality!

Clothing in China is expensive, especially Chinese brands.

Of course, their clothes quality is much higher than in other countries.

After Shenzhen, I went to Guangzhou. There was a big exhibition in Guangzhou that only took a week to see only its electronics and computer halls; it was so big.

Guangzhou is by the river, not as beautiful as Shenzhen, but has many places to walk.

Nightlife and good restaurants abound in Guangzhou, but overall, the city is not very clean. I personally liked Shenzhen more.

The city is full of computer and electronics companies and is famous for that.

In China, except for its metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai, the rest are known for something, and the city's residents are active in that field.

My next trip was to Shanghai, the capital of China,

Of course, China has two capitals, Beijing and Shanghai.

On a trip to Shanghai, I realized that China's capital is a modern metropolis with luxurious neighborhoods and towers. I can say that not only is it no less than Dubai, but it is even a step more advanced and luxurious than Dubai.

The cost of living in Shanghai is very high, including food, accommodation, and transportation.

During my trip to China, I was interested in a few things on the streets of Shanghai:

1- Taking their children out of school at an early age to collect garbage by the river with special pliers, so that they learn that Do not throw trash on the street.

2- Getting a driver's license in China is a challenging task. When somebody gets his/her license, he cannot have a car with a capital plaque. anybody who buys a car with a township plaque must obey some series of rules: for example, after 4 In the afternoon, they are not allowed to cross the Bridge.

3- Parents should not take a child to school and bring (Childs must use the school service or public transport)

4- Any line marked with a sign. straight or can turn left and right.

if you make a mistake, it has a heavy fine and your license will be revoked. Whether passing a red light or Unauthorized crossing of a one-way street.

5- some cars collect stray dogs in the street. I realized that they would be killed and eaten by the people if they were not saved.

Shanghai has beautiful neighborhoods that are very similar to France's streets. The streets when you walk in, you will see so many charming shops that it is like walking in the middle of the Champs Elysees. It has several tall towers that you can get tickets to visit the top; one of these towers looks like Milad Tower, and the other looks like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with the same height. Taxi costs are very high in China and especially in Shanghai, so try to use the subway. Meanwhile, the Chinese are not very fair and take as much money from tourists as they can. The Chinese are known for being sly; if you work with them, never trust them completely because it is too risky. If you plan to travel to China, I suggest you include the city of Shenzhen, China, in your plan.


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