Travel to the sunflower plains

Bulgaria is an Eastern European country that is part of the European Union but it isn't in the Schengen area) On the date I wrote this text, it will probably change later). So, you can travel to Bulgaria very easily.

Varna's city is a place that usually attracts millions of tourists from Iran, neighboring countries such as Romania, Germany, Poland, and Russia. An area called the Golden Sands, but there is also another area called the Sunny Beach near Burgas, which is about three hours from the Golden Sands. Bulgaria is also called the land of sunflowers because it is full of sunflower fields, and the view of extensive sunflower plains is very eye-catching. You have heard about Bulgarian cheese and sausage because its cheeses are delicious. The Golden Sand region is a tourist area, and as I said, millions of people travel to this area every year. The main reason is the cheapness of the hotel and the cost of travel ٬ its sunshine and festivals.

In general, the Black Sea shores do not have clean water because this sea (lake) is not connected to open waters. So Golden Sand is no exception to this rule, so Turkey will be a better option in this price range if you are looking for cleaner water and shore. If you want to choose between Bulgaria and Turkey, the Selection is very simple. If you are traveling as a family or looking to rest and stay inside the hotel and relax, Bulgaria is not a good option for you.

If you are going on a friendly trip and your goal is to drain your energy and go to clubs and festivals, then you choose Bulgaria. The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia, which is very far from the coastal region of Bulgaria.

Varna is a beautiful city, and sightseeing in the town is delightful. With a taxi that is not expensive, you can go to the city ٬ Of course; there is a very cheap minibus. There is another area near Varna called Burgas, which is considered to be the old and historic city, and its seafood is very famous. The whole way there is full of sunny plains, so be sure to visit this city. It is about 3 hours away from Varna.

If you take your hotel in Sunny Beach, you are very close to the city of Burgas ٬ If you ask me, I would prefer to be in this part than Varna (of course it is a taste) because it has much less noise and it is an old and historical city. Iran has a direct flight to Varna, so you can easily travel to this country. Usually, in late spring, when the weather is not warm, and late summer, when it is a bit cool, travel to Bulgaria is more affordable. ‌ To choose a hotel in this area, I suggest you do not select a 5-star hotel ٬ A clean 4-star hotel that can even be All Inclusive is more economical. If you go on a tour, they will guide you, but be careful if you book a hotel yourself. Some hotels are only offered to people from some countries, and you may have problems there. for changing money, you will not have any problem.

The trip I planned from France to Germany included Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague, and several cities in Germany (Leipzig, Berlin, and Munich). The reason I had arranged the trip in this way was to save the cost. Mahan airline accepts route, arrival from Paris, and return from Munich. Of course, it had a return from Milan and Barcelona, which will be my next trip plan.

My visa was also from France, so I had to enter Paris.

The route between the cities was preferably by train and some by plane and bus. I stayed 4 nights in Paris ٬ 1 night in Brussels ٬ 2 nights in Amsterdam ٬ 2 nights in Prague and 7 nights in Germany.

Usually, such programs are not given by the tours, and even if they are, the cost and quality are entirely lower than what you can plan yourself, except for dedicated tours. If you have never traveled abroad and do not have the experience of traveling, I suggest you take a few trips by tours to get more experience.

If you are ready for such a journey, the following article will be useful for you.

What to take with you?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Because you will take the train, bus, and subway and go from one city to another. so, forget the luggage. I suggest a small suitcase (carrier) with a waist bag or backpack. If you need a camera and a laptop, then a backpack for both is perfect. Having luggage is a big problem because no matter how small it is, it will be difficult for you to lift it in places like subway stations or any other site with stairs and no elevator or electric bridge.

If you do not have a problem with a backpack, you can use backpack bags and put all your belongings in it because it is easier to move. The main problem of these bags is that they do not have a cycle.

Well, now that you have chosen your backpack or suitcase, select your travel items carefully. Many clothes only add to your burden.

Choose your clothes depending on the season you travel and the weather

Things I chose for fall and winter;

two T-shirts that were easy to wash and did not require ironing

Two anti-wrinkle pants, one of which was windproof and one rainproof

Base Lear (both pants and clothes)

A warm jacket

Ordinary socks and warm socks

One short is enough

A long-sleeved dress that is not too warm

Warm hat

Scarf (because the wind bothers a lot of times)

Sneakers, suitable for long walks that do not slip on snow and ice

Do not take more dress, because you can wash and dry them or buy there if needed

Be sure to take your wet wipes, perfume, your regular pills, headache pills, colds, diarrhea and nausea, stomach pills. Never take codeine tablets, sleeping pills, and other over-the-counter pills. Equipment you need: Power Bank, headphones, spare mobile phone.

You can get hotels from if you have a credit card, if not, you choose your hotel with the help of Trip Advisor and, and then book them with Iranian sites like Berim Safar.

Make sure that the hotel you choose has a private room or not, is it a hostel or a hotel, is it separate for men and women, does it have a private bathroom and toilet, does it have breakfast on the hotel or does it have Wi-Fi or not?

It is also very important that your hotel is close to a metro or bus station because otherwise, you would have to pay extra for a taxi or a walk. Try to choose hotels that do not pay in advance and give you the ability to cancel until a few days in advance. Breakfast is not available on most 3-4-star European hotels. Do not add it as there is a cool place to eat breakfast outside.

A few tips about the airport:

  • If your flight is not direct and you have to move, pay attention to the next flight time ٬ If you have little time, don’t wait in line, go ahead and say that I have flying now
  • Pay attention to the entry stamp Your passport must be stamped in any situation (this happened to me on the same trip that I entered without being stamped; if I did not go and stamp myself, there would make much trouble)
  • Some airports have long transfer routes, so do not waste your time on shopping and looking at shops or eating at the airport. Enter the gate immediately, and If you have much time, be careful not to sleep.
  • Note that in European countries, the exit gate is closed half an hour before the flight and you are not allowed to enter at all.
  • Never put your laptop, camera, power bank, phone, and valuables in your suitcase. Also, be sure to check what is announced in any country.
  • Avoid carrying knives and camping gear on board because they will force you to hand them over.
  • Always attach your passport and polo to yourself in a way like a strapless waist or neck bag


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