From the north to the south of Portugal

Kamyar had gone to Lisbon for a congress, and he asked me to go with him to the south of Portugal for photography. I gladly agreed; this was the first time I had to travel without a camera because the doctor forbade me to lift more than 5 kg because of the lumbar disc. However, photography with the phone was not without grace.

Kamyar had arrived in Lisbon two days earlier; when I got there, it was getting dark. I was staying in Lisbon for one night, and early tomorrow morning, we rented a car and headed south.

So, I settled in a hostel near the metro center, walking in the old town of Lisbon for a few hours, but because it was getting dark, I could not see the real Lisbon. Since I was staying in Lisbon on the last day of the trip; So, I had enough time to see the city during that day; the hostel I was in was very clean and friendly; the only problem was the lack of air conditioner and mosquitoes.

We had set to meet kamyar in front of the car rental counter at the airport. We picked up the car and excitedly headed south.

A huge suspension bridge over the Tagus River connected the two sides of Lisbon. Both sides of the Lisbon Road to the south were covered with coniferous and eucalyptus trees, and the scent wafted all the way. Occasionally a flock of sheep and azure lakes doubled the beauty of the landscape.

After 3 hours of non-stop driving, we reached the Algarve region in southern Portugal, which is the coastal area of the North Atlantic Ocean. The hotel that Kamyar chose for the first night was in a town called Carvoeiro.

The hotel's traditional Portuguese design and its atmosphere fascinate us at first glance, but when we went to the beach to see the ocean, we came across a scene I had never seen in my life. There was a huge rock in the shape of an arch that a passenger ship could pass through it. Due to we did not have a camera, we took some pictures with our phones and then left for lunch and went to the city.

After returning from the city, our rooms were ready; we put the Suitcases in in the room. After that, we went to the beach for photography. Kamyar changed the route and started to climb a difficult path, explaining that we must go there at sunset to take an elephant-shaped rock photo. By the time we got there, the horizon had turned pink, and the sun was setting. We got ready for photography, stayed there for an hour after sunset, and then returned to the hotel. It was a difficult Day. Driving, long walks, and photography made us very tired, So we did not waste too much time between dinner and going to bed.

Early in the morning, I woke up before sunrise, I remembered the unique view of the rock by the shore, and I hurried to get there. The air was cold and smelled fresh. Hundreds of birds sat on the rocks and jumped to and fly. On the other side, the sun rising from behind the sea, the sky was uniformly red, and the sun's image was rippling in the water. There was a unique scene. The sunrise beside the water was beautiful and fascinated me.

When I returned to the room, Kamyar had just woken up, we were getting ready for breakfast, and we decided to rest by the beach or inside the hotel until noon. We wanted to go to the next city. Lagos was approximately 40 minutes from the hotel. It seemed like a quiet, completely touristy city, with empty houses and most of the luxury villas, but as we moved slightly away from the hotel, the houses' texture and back alleys changed, narrow alleys and houses with colorful flowers hanging from windows. It was attractive.

A little further on, next to the beach, there were more than 200 wooden stairs that we had to go down to reach the coral coast. Of course, going down was not a concern; it was the thought of coming back that occupied my mind. We decided to have lunch and return to photography in the evening.

After a bit of inquiry, we realized that there are two ways to access these beaches: 1- Through stairs 2- Boats that come to these beaches from the other side. There were More than 10 different beaches with rocks in various shapes which has their unique name. After lunch until sunset, we visited several cliffs, and Kamyar chose a suitable place for night photography. Of course, we did not go down any of the stairs because we did not intend to go to the beach.

We returned to the hotel and rested a bit to get ready for night photography.

We walked about a kilometer to get to the right place for photography, the moonlight and calm water and rocks had created a unique combination, we spent an hour photographing, and we returned to the hotel.

The next day, after having breakfast at a local cafe, we decided to explore the rocky shores by boat, so we went to the pier and signed up for a boat tour. at all the rocks we had seen from above, we looked them this time from below and from inside the water. Some of the rocks were like caves, which the sailors skillfully went into and back. Because tomorrow was the last day and we were on our way back from morning to night, we decided to rest on the beach for the rest of the day.

We left the hotel early the next morning and returned to Lisbon. We went straight to the airport to return the car. Kamyar came back and I stayed another night in Lisbon, it was almost noon when I arrived at the hotel. The hotel was in a valley near the city center, so I visited all the sights of the city on foot. What attracted the most attention in Lisbon was the structure of the old city, which has remained intact since the Renaissance.

The city of Lisbon has high and low areas. some parts of it are located on a hill, there were very old trams in the alleys of the old town that took people up and down, the trams were the size of a minibus and only went up and down the alley.

The next day I revisited the city, finding neighborhoods whose walls were full of various paintings and which had somehow become a destination for photographers and tourists. Lisbon is also known for its pastry shops, they have a special kind of pastry called Pastel de Belém (Custard tart), which is extremely famous, and they are used to eat it every day with tea or wine.

I took some photos and left the hotel in order to go to the airport before noon.


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