Lapalme is one of the few islands known as the Canary Islands, which belong to Spain and are close to Africa and Morocco. These islands are famous for their climate and Greenery, and many Europeans like to travel to these islands for vacation and sunbathing. In the warm seasons, Lapalma is excellent for water sports and relaxation on the beach, and in the cold seasons, it has a mild and cool climate that facilitates sightseeing.

The first thing that caught my attention after entering this island was the palm-like vegetation of this area, so the reason for naming this island became clear to me. At first, I thought all these trees were palms. But after entering the city, I realized that these are banana fields. The economy of this city, based on Banana export and tourism, is in the second step.

The second thing that completely distinguishes this island is the height difference. The difference in level between the lowest point of Lapalme, sea level, and its highest point is more than 2500 meters. Due to the weather conditions on the island, Clouds form at altitudes of less than 2,000 meters. This means that by going to the heights of this island, we could see the clouds' dance under our feet. the scene of the clouds' passing at high speed (due to the strong wind on this island) was beautiful and spectacular.

The island has an inactive volcanic mountain that has been dormant for years, but its lava eruption in the past has caused the island's earth to be covered with volcanic rocks. The coastal sands of this island were also black and different from the sands I have ever seen. The island does not have any endemic animal; the only animal seen on the island is a rabbit. Instead, you could see various species of dolphins, whales, and colorful fish not far from the shore.

Finally, it was Mochachos' turn; Mochachos is the name of an area at an altitude of 2300 meters on this island, and in fact, the main reason for our trip to this island was to go to these heights and take night photos. Due to the weather conditions, the sky of Lapalme is one of the clearest skies globally, and for this reason, a large number of telescopes from different countries have been installed in Mochachos to observe the sky.

To get to Mochachos, we had to take a winding road that reached 2,300 meters above sea level in 1 hour. Many people experience dizziness and nausea during this 1 hour, both due to a sudden change in air pressure and due to many twists and turns. Before going to Mochachos for night photography, we decided to visit this area once On a day. This visit was fascinating; Because, in addition to seeing the telescopes, the view of the passage of clouds over the city and the mountains of this island was unique.

 Another beautiful scene I saw on this trip was the sight of the sun sinking in the clouds at sunset.

Of course, we took good photos in this area, which you can see.

We decided to come back tomorrow night to photograph the starry sky of Mochachos.

Before the trip, I checked the island weather, and it was between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade, so I did not bring warm clothes, but the situation in Mochachos was completely different due to the high altitude.

When we arrived in Mochachos at night, I noticed that the temperature was around 0 degrees, and the wind was so strong that cold sensed minus 10 degrees. Considering that we were going to take a photo of the same temperature conditions from 12 pm to 6 am, I had no choice but to wear all the clothes. It was so cold that wearing even five clothes on each other did not affect.

Another problem was that after 7 pm, cars were not allowed to enter the area, and we had to carry all our photography equipment up to 5 km uphill. Of course, walking a little helped to withstand the cold, but when we waited to take pictures, The cold became unbearable and made long-term photography impossible. In any case, we took photos until 5 in the morning, enduring the extreme cold. in the middle of the work, we went back inside the car once to warm up a bit.

Of course, my friend Kamyar was in a much better condition because he had a leather jacket with him and he suggested that I buy a leather jacket and return to this area for more photography. So Tomorrow we went to town to shop. I bought a warm feather jacket and pants and a few other items needed. After that, we go back to Mochachos to photography safely without worries. If you are planning to travel to cold places, I suggest you trust the feather jacket. Even ski jackets and other synthetic fibers can never warm up you like a leather jacket.

We moved to Mochachos at night, but after approaching this area, we noticed that the road was closed due to strong winds, and we had to go back. To use our time, we went to the lighthouse, which is about 1 hour from us. It was a distance away, and we took some pictures there. Because we did not expect Mochachos to be closed, we lost our energy.

We decided to go to Mochachos again tomorrow night because it was the last night we were in Lapalme, and Kamyar decided to take more pictures. So he asked to make sure the area was open. The road administration told us that the route was closed again, but we could go to Mochachos from another way, which is almost twice as long as the previous one (about two and a half hours drive), and we did the same.

The whole air route was perfect, and the sky was clear, but as soon as we got to Mochachos it got foggy. We were supposed to walk to the highest point of Mochachos to get out of the fog. But after 2 hours of walking with a very steep slope and carrying photographic equipment, not only did not the fog decrease but also the rain and strong wind did not even allow us to bring the cameras out.

Inevitably, after a few hours of walking under challenging conditions, we returned disappointed. Sometimes the wind was so strong that we felt it might throw us into the valley or cause the mountains' fall (about 50 to 70 kilometers per hour). When we got to the car, both, we and the cameras were wet. Of course, the cameras were not damaged, but the feeling of failure was very high, especially in Kamyar.

The reason was that Kamyar was very professional in night photography, and his purpose in coming to this area was only night photography in Mochachos, and this was the last night we were in Lapalme. Indeed, we could not take the photo, but this weather was a new experience for both of us, and we learned a lot.


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